Let Me Introduce You to One of The Many Issues Vexing Me

This comes from my other blog, but now that I have a place to write these thoughts, I thought I would put it where it belonged. I wrote this almost EXACTLY a year ago, on 11.7.11. I hope this sparks thought:

In the past few months, I have been crudely exposed to the harsh realities of this nation I call my home. Looking at the systems in our society, and the monies being allocated to them shows a REAL polarity that benefits those who have the most wealth and power, to the extent that new proposed allocation of federal funds are threatening to solidify these murky ‘lines in the sand’ as it were. So what about talks of fully privatizing college education? I mean, this is a tangible example of an effort to keep the power where it is. I mean, what about equality? What about the people who don’t have rich relatives, and are struggling to make ends meet? The people who rely upon government systems put in place to give a little bit of solace to the disenfranchised? I mean, it’s already hard to reach these people and tell them about the non-profit educational programs that are out there, and the certain need for education to get them the potential to get out of the hole that they are in.This isn’t even brushing the surface of the disdain and hatred that I have for the ‘for-profit’ schooling. I think these types of schooling are directly aimed at these truly ‘bottom of the barrel’ older aged people who think that is all they can do for themselves. Okay, I think it’s one thing to go to a ‘for-profit’ for a technical skill, or something like business/marketing because it is empirically shown that the people who get these technical degrees from these schools, do get into the workforce (at least a little under half of the people who get a ‘for-profit’ school degree, get into the work force). But for these FP institutions to add truly academic/scholarly fields of study? I mean it’s like providing false hope to the people that need it most. I have asked various college professors in my fields of study how a ‘for-profit’ degree in my field would look in comparison to one from a ‘traditional NP University’. It was a hands down unanimous, that doesn’t account for much of anything. Especially in the social sciences as it relates to the online type of schooling. I mean, can you really sit there and say, yeah, I had the adequate exposure to people that I needed to get a degree in psychology. NO. Someone who does magically get into a graduate program at a traditional NP school would certainly not be ready for the work load that is entailed in those programs. So, okay say you stay in FP until you get your Ph.D. That REALLY won’t account for much if say you want to be a counselor. It is going to take some REAL networking prowess to get your foot in ANY door for internship and residency. And let’s not even get into how these worst off people are going to pay their loans back to these FP’s. Some of these FP’s have agreements with banks, and suggest their students take out private loans (at extreme interest rates) to pay for their schooling. Also the sheer PRICE of FP schools should turn the avg person away from it, but these disenfranchised people aren’t going to access the appropriate avenues to ‘compare prices’ most don’t even know the difference. I mean look at some of these FP commercials and compare them to NP commercials. I mean who are we kidding? “I’m not sayin’, but I’M SAYIN'”:







University of Phoenix


Compared to NP:



University of Michigan


UC Berkeley:




One can see the obvious difference between the ‘type’ of audience these schools advertise to. WHY do we as a people let this happen? WHY?? There are SO many more issues with the FP schooling that I am impassioned to get out there, but instead of reading my rant; watch this:

A little less Rant, a little more fact:


We are also hit with the big question of how to do ANYTHING about it, well, I will digress, and let you figure it out from here. Take it away.


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One Response to Let Me Introduce You to One of The Many Issues Vexing Me

  1. Ritchie says:

    I have to say this is a disaster for the people being duped into these types of educational opportunities. We should definitely write and petition congress to take a closer look at the certifications of for profit schools and also deny public funding to for profit schools. It makes no sense why a for profit institution would benefit from the same types of loans that a traditional non-[profit school would!

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