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When the Going Gets Ugly: Situations That Seem to Render One Powerless [Update on 2nd Story]

On the path to progress, there are indeed bumps in the road. There are current events and interpersonal relations that seemingly knock the momentum out of one’s¬†propellers so-to-speak. I’ve decided to write about a couple of situations that are knocking … Continue reading

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This blog is about progress. It is about criticism and personal attack. I recently¬†wrote a blog where I discussed my tragic disappointment in the current social climate relating to Feminism & Race. I used two examples I came upon in … Continue reading

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Queerphobic Panic and the Suppression of Knowledge-Based Education or, Whatever Challenges Hegemony is Obviously not Good for the Betterment of our Society

What is going on in our society with all the “We’ve overcome” language and actions? It seems like people have come to be happy in their choice to become/remain blind to the harsh realities we are doing little to change. … Continue reading

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The Inability to Find Peace, to Still the Disquiet.

I am writing this blog in light of a presentation I led yesterday. What I was discussing was Foucault regarding the way that he discussed Race in The History of Sexuality An Introduction Volume 1. This wasn’t an expansive exploration, … Continue reading

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