Because this issue has been something on my mind for a while, I would like to share a colleague’s well thought out response to this. I hope this sparks thought and provides a different perspective of Black Identity Politics, I know it has me thinking!

Out of Nowhere

Nicholas Brady

“Undisciplined and vulnerable, firmly rooted in our time, might we nevertheless feel, even without recognition, the rhythms of the poetry from a future in which M — might be? Might we allow those rhythms to move us to repel the quotidian violence through which we currently are defined without demanding of the future from which they come that it redeem our movements now or then? Might we look after M — now without waiting for the future in which M — might be to issue our present cries?”
-Kara Keeling “Looking for M—“

“Shimmy shake it, and keep it rolling
Rotate it, circle it, shift it and keep it going
Now you made it, and now they know it
Your shakes the favorite, and now they want it”
-Azealia Banks “Harlem Shake (Remix)”

It has been a few weeks since the world was forever changed by the internet-based…

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