A Moment of Chaos in the Midst of Quiet Oblivion.

Freedom. Rain.

“We have to flood the streets like pouring rain.

Shout to the rooftops

That we refuse to remain

Locked in these chains 




and inferiority

because now, more than ever

we are bound by conformity.

The silent


to the way things are,

we cannot remain docile

because it is keeping us far

from our goal

of reforming

and reshaping the mold

to break and decay the power of old.

But you know, just like me that it starts squarely with you.


I can almost taste my rage,

the feeling is palpable.

My willingness to die for this shit is unstoppable.

But is it worth it?

Think about the years of revolution before,

the times of picketing and the protests of yore.

If we stop and deny our displacement today,

what we’d really be doing is dying.

so WHY NOT go in a blaze of glory?

Fighting again for this freedom story? 

Instead of decaying in our hegemonic complicity

that renders us here

in quiet domesticity.”

-By Desi Self, June 2013.

Keep the fires of rage burning, comrades. 


About thepsych1

I am a natural progression. As I learn and grow, so does this blog as a reflection of myself. Poetry Art Videos Critique Let's collaborate. Bring your friends.
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