New Academic Year, New Focus, SAME PROBLEMS

Among the things I’d like to cover in this blogpost, I’d like to really focus on the forum aspect of the blog in this one.

New Academic Year, SAME PROBLEMS

I have severed ties with the institution I was a part of last year, just started at another a few weeks ago, and wow does my head hurt. I know that the system of financial aid is one that is supposed to be objective, with a focus on helping those who cannot afford it, attain the financial ability to pay for school, and also is a way for students to be approved for grants to help with their schooling; but I cannot help but to see how this system is fundamentally flawed, where the poor are destined to fail. 

All of the red tape I have to go through to prove that

  • I am in fact a graduate student
  • I am far from my aggregate loan limit
  • I LIVE off of my financial aid, so the payment plan I was forced into starting (for $55 of cash I DIDN’T have) is NOT going to get paid in the next 48 hours, so they NEED to pay attention to me so that my classes are not cancelled.

I don’t understand how year after year this system experiences THE SAME or INCREASING high volume at the beginning of the academic year, yet they are not preemptively combating this issue by starting much earlier than they do or figuring out new methods that are more efficient to pump out the finAid. It is ridiculous to be a graduate student that has a full course load plus TA (teaching assistant) & GA (graduate assistant) obligations and a part-time job on the weekends, to also have to worry about not being able to take classes because of a system that they have to wait on, with nothing they can do on their end besides the ever tumultuous waiting game. Yes, we can call, stand in huge lines, and even email to try and get someone, ANYONE to pay attention, but do they really? “We are experiencing high volume, so whatever happens to you or any of the hundreds of other cases, we can’t really care.” Is ALL I ever hear. 


I know that I’m not alone. I want to read some input on stressful finAid cases, or if you are not in school right now, a really overly stressful situation involving having to cut through red tape to get something that you really need, and having to play that game with these institutions that are supposedly set up to help the disenfranchised. If you feel so compelled, VENT. If you have tips from experience, PLEASE share them. I would LOVE to read anything helpful regarding this topic.

New Academic Year, New Graduate Program, New Focus

Another thing I’d like to touch on in this blogpost is my new focus. I am in a Philosophy MA program now and I would like to focus more on human sexuality. In fact, I am going to begin researching and writing predominately about trends and research that I find about porn use and correlations that I find with social norms, ideals, and constructs. What I really want to find are interesting trends in desire and also trends with physical and mental health and porn use. I am really big on pointing out social inequality and the hypocrisy that is the place that I live, so I think one of the most obvious and beneficial places to raise these issues is definitely within the field of human sexuality. All of the double standards and cognitive dissonance never cease to amaze me.  This should be fun!

I have been:

  • reading a few sex positive blogs
  • researching human sexuality journals
  • watching documentaries

All in order to really try to focus my questions to something clear, yet very RICH with information so that my research will potentially yield itself to my thesis, which I will begin a little under a year from now, that is IF financial aid can hurry up.


If you are researching in the field of human sexuality, let me know good informative blogs, programs, databases, search engines to use. I would really like any tips of the trade as I am brand spanking new to writing in this field. Also, any bad experiences with any blogs or research mechanisms is good to share too!

Emphasis on Community

I set up this blogpost a little different because I want to focus a bit more on the forum aspect, I’d like for you to feel empowered to comment and or reblog. I added explicit points of engagement to hopefully foster some discourse and a good sense of community. I know this is the time of year where everyone is a bit more overwhelmed and regiments are being forged, but I also see this as a time to think about trends, habits and systems that simply are still inefficient and is keeping us from succeeding during this chaotic time of year! Think about the SAME PROBLEMS, the red tape, and the general unease with these systems. Let’s talk about it in a way that might potentially foster CHANGE. Until next time, I bid you safe travels through your sea of red tape.


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2 Responses to New Academic Year, New Focus, SAME PROBLEMS

  1. Julie says:

    Hey Desi! We are doing a trans* series this year in the Ethics Center. 3 of the speakers we are bringing in are Dean Spade, Gayle Salamon, and Ellen Feder. All of these speakers are doing small lunches and also public lectures, and I would love it if you could come to any of them. We are working with an organization called SONG (Southerners On New Ground) SONG focuses on social change and leadership opportunities specifically in small southern towns.

    -Julie R

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