Potential of The Void on the Brink of The New Year.

**Winter Break**

I like to take the time between semesters to do fun things like read trashy adult fiction, catch up on my instant queue on Netflix, and engage in debauchery with friends. I also like to reflect on why I am relentless with my writing and actions within the struggle. I got a little creative inspiration in my reflection, and am inspired to share it with you:

“Enter the void of the in-between,

Where people can see their vices.

The void of new beginnings 

where the peace of love entices.

How can we ever get there

when our ignorance is so blissful?

and the only thing we’re capable doing

is listlessly running in circles?

First of critique, 

Then a call to action,

Oratorical Death,

and back again.

We shuffle through these phases with prestige,

unconcerned with the insidiousness within.

The all-consuming darkness and emptiness of this void

is ripe with potentiality and depth we can’t avoid.

Too bad this void is non-existant.

These words will likely be confined to the page they were formed on.

However, it is my constant longing for this void of rupture

that keeps me relentlessly writing and pressing on.”

“The Rupture of The Void” by Desiree Written on 12.27.13

And with that, I bid you all cheers to the ending of this tumultuous year, and to the potentiality of the year to come. Keep that loving rage burning and explosive…

Until Next Time, Comrades,


bell-hooks-love Here’s a bit of inspiration I found! Beautiful words, beautiful person. Gotta love bell hooks. 



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