My Weekly Frustration: Week 3 Presentation Prep: WATCH THIS: A Public Dialogue Between bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry

This week I am leading class discussion and am very nervous excited. We will be talking about Women of Color responses to Nancy Fraser accounts of feminist revitalization and similar perspectives to that. There were three readings we were assigned to read, and boy was there a broad spectrum of things to talk on, though I found a couple specific bridging themes I will be focusing my energy on. We had to read about White Feminist Fatigue Syndrome (in response to Fraser), Digging Deep (and the ramifications of surface dwelling), and about the slavery of the prison industrial complex as read by Assata Shakur (by Stephen Dillon). I am about ready to hand in my q’s and c’s, but there’s just one more thing I want to do in prep.
I know that I passed this along previously, but upon reading, reacting, re-reading, and analyzing in preparation for my looming presentation this week, I found this video all the more relevant to what these readings were pointing to. Now, because this very important video is an hour 36 mins I can’t very well show it to the class DURING class (although I really wish I could). I am putting the final touches on the questions and commentary for tomorrow, but as I do, I ask (especially) my classmates to take the time to watch this. Don’t just have it on in the background. Really watch it, try to make connections to the readings, and if you do notice anything major you’d like for me to think on in these last hours before class meeting, please do comment this post.
If you are not in this course and want to help me out, I ask that you watch this video deeply. While/after you have taken the video in, if you can find any major connection in what they are talking about to the past/present/future of Black Feminism in the face of white supremacist neoliberalism (and no, I’m not perpetrating any binary here, white supremacy is in the face of all people of color), or if you can make any connection to the insidiousness of the commodificaton of race, gender, feminism, PLEASE comment below.

Thank you for your time! Here’s hoping the discussion is fruitful tomorrow.


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5 Responses to My Weekly Frustration: Week 3 Presentation Prep: WATCH THIS: A Public Dialogue Between bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry

  1. green11420 says:

    I can’t wait to watch it. I wasn’t even aware of this discussion. Excitement!

  2. ritchie dudley says:

    My sentimentality may have got the best of me for a bit, but I regained composure and merely wanted to note what I though were two strong points.
    bell hooks notes several times, the misrepresentation of anger as a normal mode of response by African American women, and possibly infers African American men, and I think chooses wisely to correct this labeling as “clear and exacting” . I find this self re-defining to be one of the most informative portions as it illuminates both structural misappropriations as well as a solution for anyone who wishes to maintain self identity.

    The misrepresentation of historical figures was also one of the most powerful statements to me as well. “white people would rather destroy democracy than have racial equality” is exactly true. Unfortunately, I am not doing the associated readings so I am sure my points are obvious and possibly quite uninformed, but hope it helps.

    • thepsych1 says:

      This most certainly helps! You are definitely speaking to one of the points I want to discuss in relation to what was called, “faux feminism.” Thank you for your comment!

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