Tasting Your Rage: In the Midst of it All, Rage is Still Refreshing.

Why is the perfect time to write in the middle of the night for me?

I’m so glad to finally be able to take the time to let out what has been trapped in my mind for a while now. Lately, all the reading and analyzing I’ve been doing on Black thought, Black feminism, and marginalized struggles, all of which are picking away at the boulder that is normative power, have been really biting at me. I can feel movement under my feet, there is power in the discourse. Now is our time to confront it. Bridging the gap between theory and praxis is a difficult and murky road to traverse, but at this point it seems like there is a path being forged by us, to help us navigate this tricky terrain. I am so compelled by this movement, I have to share these words with you:


in subjugated voices.

Once because we had to,

now, to gather force.

*     *     *

There is indeed a collective force growing strong,

developing our tactics to speak truth to power.

We eagerly count the hours

by continually breaking the bonds that coerce.

*     *     *

We may have been forced to the periphery,

for many years,

to be utilized as the refuse you needed to thrive on;

 all the while we were steadily building momentum.

Now, the stage is almost complete,

primed to give rise to a collaborative space of sharing

that will shatter the need to compete.

*     *     *

We will NOT continue to be marginal for you,

for we know we play an integral part

in centering your truth.

We also know it is our collective force

that will lead to your demise,

white supremacist heteropatriarchal hegemony,

we’ve been preparing to confront you where your truth lies.

*     *     *

We are gathering our forces to rupture your normativity,

and no, we will not be weakened

by feeble attempts to divide us through your normative “creativity.””

-Calm, Cool, and COLLECTED, by Desiree, written 1-28-14 

I hope that these words give you life, as they did for me. I hope that this makes you realize you are not alone in the struggle. The rage is palpable at this point. Don’t forget to channel it.

Until next time, comrades,


Audre-Lorde-poetry I want to leave you all some inspiration I found AND give you all some perspective as to my drive to express myself poetically, all at the same time. Audre Lorde put it best!

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