Because Nocturnal Writing Occasionally Get’s Lost in Translation.

Happy Poetry Month!! Here’s a little sociopolitical activist poetry to add to the celebration of the month:

Affective Pushback in the Land of the Free.

Affect Aliens don’t need the social pacifiers of happiness and success;

ideals construed within our disparate power relations then codified through


*     *     *

No, Affect Aliens don’t want to drink the poison

of complacency and ignorance,

which manifests as appropriation and good temperament.

*     *     *

Affect Aliens won’t turn away

from seeing the violability of the marginalized bodies

upon which our society flourishes;

incessantly casting light on the implicit nature of our

sociocognitive conditioning…”

**I encourage you to check out the entirety of this poem at the link and learn more about the inspiration behind it, if you’d like! 


via My Weekly Frustration- Week 14 Affect Aliens & Directed Writing: It’s Okay, We’re All [Feminists] Here, Right?.


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