Just a Few Words to Incite You

Woke up on my birthday with words on my mind. I’m compelled to share them.

Visibility is a Trap.

No One

thinks you’re special

for throwing words

on a page,

No One

sees how radical

your #hashtactivisms


No One 

cares to analyze 

your thoughts

or complicate

your truth,

No One

wants to see you thrive

or even regard you.

No One

hears you CRY OUT 

in the still of the night,

not even while sitting right 

next to you

unless my dear,

you’re White*.

Written on 5.21.14 by me

The title of this piece comes from Foucault. I hope that brings you a little life today and gets you moving. 

*White in this context is not solely and necessarily referring to skin color.

Until Next Time Comrades,



Now go with Lorde.





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