On This Figurative Last Week of Freedom.

I always have this ambivalent anticipation the week before classes begin. However, I am even more anxious knowing that this is a school year that I really have to ‘put verbs in my sentences’ so to speak. This is the year I have to conscientiously step and watch my back. This year, I’ve really got to stay mindful of  the struggle, not wincing or putting on my blinders. It sucks to work so actively within a system that works so passionately to keep our already marginalized voices relegated to silence. I do it because I still have some faint hope that this route will actually distort normative frequency in very dynamic ways. In my quiet consternation I wrote this piece I am going to share with you now, because even blinders can’t mask the struggle at this point.


Get Out


my language,

get out of

my dreams

and the aspirations 

I’ve chosen.

What about me hasn’t been

touched by your poison?

What part of me hasn’t been infiltrated,


and mutilated

by your murky double conscious

self-deprecating implicit speak,

when all I want is for you

to leave me be?

Every single word

that flows from my lips

every last one is vulnerable 

to your grip.

Get out of my 


my embrace.

Get out of my


get out of my


you will NEVER be welcomed

into MY heaven.

*     *     *

Don’t you wish it was that easy 

to speak truth to power?

Think about that last concession

you exchanged 

for your voice to lower.

written by me on 8.10.14

I’m really starting to engage the fires of my loving rage, trying to get my mind right for this next stretch of time and space. I hope to embrace it, taste it, and MANIFEST it in my writing, my thoughts, and in my actions. 

Until Next Time, Comrades,


Audre's sentiment really spoke to me today, so I had to leave this with you upon finding it beautifully packaged like this on the web!

Audre’s sentiment really spoke to me today, so I had to leave this with you upon finding it beautifully packaged like this on the web!


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