Words are Never Enough (though they can be good starting points)

The Oasis of Epistemic Credence.

Regarding Power,

we need to define our terms.

If we go too far on presumption,

no impact can be earned.

We need to strive

to understand its various meanings,

in order to identify the side

we are complacently leaning.

*     *     *

Power as discipline

demands search and seizure,

don’t associate with ne’er do wells

and respect your bourgeois teachers.

*     *     *

Power as coercion is a trickier friend,

the one that makes you want to mend,

the wounds of subjugation

and heal the systematic abuse,

when all the while you’re letting loose

any grasp of your identity,

_and in the end it’s killing me_

’cause in that grasp

is also the fate of your comrades.

*     *     *

Power as visibility

deals more so with complicity,

acquiescing into transparency,

neglecting your integrity.

All so that you can declare,

“I’m doing what I’m supposed to,

so treat me with care!”

But feeling that need to be respected

by the status quo

will get you neglected,

yet relegated back again

_to your space of subjection_

with no privacy to lend.

*     *     *

There are many other ways to understand this term,

so choose your interpretation wisely

and constantly use concern,

for yourself and your safety

for your heart and your sanity,

learn to expose the structure

while preserving your humanity.

*     *     *

Power is a hierarchy

that perpetuates through discourse,

it is circulated

_almost as systematically as breathing_

so insidious,

seems there’s no recourse.

*     *     *

So, remember we are individuals

within a larger collective.

Let’s be ready to define our terms,

since Power is reflexive.

Written by me, 9.29.14

I hope this motivates you to speak your truth to Power, unafraid and unapologetically so.

Until Next Time,


Audre inspiration via internet.

Audre inspiration via internet.





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