Violence, Genocide, and Thankfulness.

I want to take the time to acknowledge the violence and genocide undergirding the holiday we are taught to celebrate.

I want to acknowledge it in order to emphasize the point that the struggle is real and has been for SO long. Our bodies, marginal bodies, are treated as tools, as vessels of our own continued subjugation, and for us to neglect the suffering of other marginal bodies is only furthering the gravity of it all.

Imperialism is real

Genocide was easy

Genocide is still happening.

I would suggest to take this day to surround yourself with your kin, your allies, and your safe space. To share in the activity of acknowledging your privilege and to talk and/or allot at least a moment of time to acknowledge the roots of this day. Take this day to organize, to make a plan of action, to get involved with revolutionary collectives all around that are gathering to speak our many truths to Power. This is a time of action. This is a time of thought. Reflect.

Until Next Time,


Beautiful inspiration from Audre via internet.

Beautiful inspiration from Audre via internet.


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