Poem for My Kindred.

Blessed Be Our Ties That Bind.

I’m sick of being thankful

for the things that should never have taken

the systematic rape and killing

of generations of my kin.

*      *     *

What kind of society

structures the flow of information

in such violently insidious ways

that we STILL have to be willing to fight

and die

to be read against the grain?

*     *     *

Yet we fought and died for this stretch of time

This brief month where we are told to

stretch our rhymes

*     *     *

This is the time we were given

to reach out to Power,

where we try to scream back

since we were told only now

not to cower

*     *     *

But what happens when this month is over?

White normativity feeling so proud

while we smolder.

If it were up to hegemony

I know exactly where we’d be,

right underneath their boots

all bruised and broken

singing praise for our month

of structured attention.

*     *     *

We need to continue

to fight for our truths,

to speak them to Power,

and to fight to distribute

the story of our heritage and our struggle

among the many history textbooks,

more than a school assembly,

way more than only a month of time

allows us to look.

*     *     *

After a month of structuring my silence

I write.

I write in gratitude

for the struggles of my kindred,

I write in the face

of structured attention,

I write to bring light

to the system of concessions that bind,

I write so that one day

we all might find

the disconcerting peculiarity

of our concessions,

and realize that

it is on the backs of our kindred

that we perpetuate acquiescence.

*     *     *

Normativity will no longer dictate my pride.

Written by Me, 2.28.15

Until Next Time,


Inspiration for your 2015, found online.

Inspiration for your 2015, found online.

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2 Responses to Poem for My Kindred.

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Outstanding in it’s honesty and brutal in it’s truth. This is an excellent poem!

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