For My Fallen Comrade

Suicide & Prying Eyes

There is a power in death

and death in power.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to separate the two.

When you’re bruised and beaten down bloody

every day in every way

being attacked and told by virtue of your identity

that you’re worth

less than the ground you rest your feet upon

you can begin to feel

that the release of your blood

flowing out of sync with your breathing

is the only way to announce that you matter.

*     *     *

The only love you receive is in memoriam

all the regard is to your passing.

All the vigils and tears

after all of the years

of being violently disregarded.

How does one account for that

other than through death?

*     *     *

I lost a comrade to that quest

may he now be able to rest.

*     *     *

There is power in death

and death in power.

May your rage live on

and make our status quo cower.

Written by Me on 3.24.15

Blake, may you rest in power. May you rest.

Until Next Time,





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    Rest in power

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