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This isn’t Intended to be the Last Post of the Month…

Reference. What happens when you try and feel, and nothing is quite right? What happens when you want some peace, and all there is is strife? When all of life’s roses you go to smell are filled with decay and … Continue reading

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[Non]Labeling, the Opiate of the Masses

What’s in a Name Purity. To be Pure. ‘In its purest form.’ all of us are we destined to perform the most willing form of conforming -to them- the land of the pure and free; the Whitest form. This is … Continue reading

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When Racist [His]tory of Race Stops Being Fascinating.

This is a brief aside from class last week. As we were discussing a paper that discussed the (abstracted) conceptual history of the term ‘Race’, and were focusing on the categorization of Races as it relates to christian religion (we were planted in … Continue reading

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