Happy Thoughts and Consternation on Yet Another Anniversary


This post is dedicated to failure

This post is dedicated to the messy,

This post is dedicated to the rest.

To anniversaries of the wicked times,

the times that leave you reeling.

The times when you lie awake a night

all catatonic and feeling.

This post is for those who ain’t got time for something serious

but at any point can pop off and get delirious.

No one has time to heal,

in this world that continues to reel.

Written by Me on 10.31.2015

This is going to be a little different than what I usually do, because the month of October has been one of the most trying months I’ve seen in a while and I am also celebrating the third anniversary of my blog (even though technically it was yesterday)! I’m still amazed that I have kept something going this consistently (says the person who owns countless journals) but it seems to be working out! I’m going to work on being around the blog more often, and attempt to network and connect more with it. I will attempt to invite guest bloggers in and see where this blog can go from there. Thank you all for being here for the ride! Here’s to many more years!


So what in the world is going on with police brutality in public schools and people being surprised the guy was punished? Also, how are we as a culture trying to brush the issue of race as a contextual factor under the rug here? I guess what I don’t understand is how dominant culture immediately deflected the issues of race, gender, and domination, and claimed that #blacklivesmatter activists were race baiting. People are trying to say that it was not about race, well, let me just say this, ‘it’, _EVERYTHING_ has to ‘do’ with Race. Race may very well be a social construct that we’ve developed to subject and privilege, but that doesn’t make it any less a foundational locus of power, privilege, and dominance within our culture that is systemic and ingrained. If no one said anything at least about explicit situations of systemic disparity like the one we saw recently… NO ONE WOULD HAVE. Police guy wouldn’t have been bothered, and no one would have been able to attend to the student’s story and needs. As soon as we realize that just because certain portions of our culture is privileged enough not to have to see color doesn’t mean that we (as black women, as marginalized non-whites) won’t continue to have our backs broken, wages taken, and lives squandered, because of it.

And don’t even get me started on the follow-up viral videos of public school security guards getting thrown and slammed by students. Why? Well, simply because of the things I just mentioned. Seriously, non-white people have histories of violent and hypersexualized representations, like hundreds of years of such a past, written into our pigment, where at this point our culture functions on these disparate scripts. I mention this because of the fact that the student in question was sitting in her seat when the police came and flipped her out of her desk and threw [yanked] [dragged] her across the classroom in order to get her to stand up and go with him. I’m sure those scripts were running in the back of his mind about how violent the target (student) was likely to get, and the fact that they were also resisting meant that he was going to have to use force to subdue her.

The reason why some people don’t even want to talk about this is the murkiness of the situation, because it isn’t easy to see the race issue in the midst of this, especially when we are deflecting by showing public school police and security guards getting slammed by students. But the issue is that of dominance and submission, the brutality of the cop over the student, and the physical force of the cop over the student, all compounded by the violent marks of classification placed on our non-white bodies since birth! Yes, the cop might not have deliberately and explicitly acted in direct reaction to her blackness, but it is not okay to dismiss the racial scripts in the subtext. This isn’t even scraping the issue of gender.


[This will be short]

Well, I am finally on my way out of the M.A I started a while back, and boy is my brain tired. This past month has been all about writing, writing, and then writing some more. I couldn’t even get my mind clear on what has been going on in the class I still have to go to. I know this week we were talking about Mestizo identity and its racist/white supremacist roots. I had so many thoughts actively pulsing through my mind during class, but right now all I can think about is my M.A paper.

Something Fun

Because I can, I want to lighten the mood by sharing this Drunk History clip with you all. I think not only does it shine some light on Harriet Tubman, it does it in a way that is easily consumable!


Raven-Symoné: Think about your privilege and have so many seats, please.

The View: Why haven’t you been canceled yet?

Academia: You sly bastard, you! Still getting away with your education racket in the U.S.. I can’t hate, I participate.

Society: #Blacklivesmatter everyday in every way regardless of what you say.


U.S. Politics: Go home, you’re drunk.




Until Next Time Comrades,


Audre inspiration via internet.

Audre inspiration via internet.


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