Holidazed: Part 1

When every day you mourn more death and violence against your compatriots, it is tough to put on that coating of numbness to get you through this holiday season of happiness and joy. Well, this post is not one that will suggest ways to get through it, or methods of dissociation.

This post is for our fallen kindred. We lift you up and mourn your loss.

I want to focus attention specifically to Sandra Bland. We all know the speculation around her passing, and although we raise her up in our hearts and minds, it makes me queasy thinking about how things are ending up. It’s not over, but her mother’s words pierced right through my heart regarding the most recent development. So, this is for Sandra, this is for our fallen comrades.


When I lay my head down tonight I’ll cry,

Not only for those passed but all of us still alive.

I meditate against my own impulse to flee,

In an attempt to find the peace within me.

In death there is transition,

in life brick walls and inhibitions.

Life is a palette for change and also monotony

if we can grow beyond the concessions and rise against the litany

of stereotypes, prejudices, and violent scripts,

perhaps one day we shall get the best of it.

One day to grow and be fruitful beyond the violent socialization of yore,

to some place and time never felt before.

It won’t be like beginning again,

Because that old tattered system of power

Will have been forced to rescind.

Written by Me on July 24, 2015

As we come together with family and loved ones over the next little while, I want you to know that you don’t have to become dazed to enjoy the love and joy that camaraderie brings; you don’t have to dissociate. Even if you don’t speak about it, you can still feel that rage in your heart and mind. You can nurse it and grow it with the love of those around you. Know that you’re not alone, even in times of disconnect with your kindred. Your loving and powerful rage is what connects us! Let’s resist the daze collectively.

Until Next Time,



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