Holidazed: Part 2

Resting in the Wreckage.

Resisting the daze,

can lead to a craze,

that isn’t very easily shaken.

Being reminded your life,

and all your toil and strife

is essential to the status quo that binds you,

is more than enough

to get unhinged

and unplug

from the violent oppression being forced inside you.


The systemic slayings of Black bodies-

Young, old, and all in-between,

indiscriminate in size,

the wreckage unforeseen.

Every time one of our kindred falls

it rips a piece of your heart out.

it purées your brain,

halts your movement,

and reinvigorates your doubt

of ever living in a society where you could have kids

without concern over the society in which we live

exterminating them like the vermin we are told we are.


How can you be expected to reset daily

when your heart is constantly broken

and left perpetually ailing?

Especially during our socially-sanctioned times of rest,

our mandated times of joy, peace, and fest.

The times when you look at the pain in your loved ones eyes,

the emptiness from violent loss they just cannot hide.

How are you to face the days when you know they’re out to get you,

to bind you up

to beat you down

to relegate and rape you?


Oftentimes the daze is implored to get through these days,

it poses as essential but it actually dismays.

It acts as a numbing agent to get you through it,

but just as any narcotic once you’ve used it,

it leaves your body ailing and fiending

for that sense of ease that has no meaning.

You won’t be able to face the day without it,

hiding behind a wall of grogginess

unable to move and process the mess

_the wreckage_ that life continues to throw at you

the daze does absolutely nothing to protect you.

All it does is leave you vulnerable

to systematic anti-blackness

and death indiscernible.


When faced with the daze or the feelings that craze

it might seem hard to choose,

but knowing the daze will lead to the maze

that will eventually entrap and consume you

Is all that you need

to continue to heed

the craze that which sustains you.

It gives you life within all the tumult and strife

and perpetually reinvigorates you.


It’s okay to feel broken and at a loss for words,

expressing it amongst your loved ones

is just the thing with the power to unfurl

the mechanisms of our society

meant to defeat us,

because our collective voices,



& action,

are products of the craze our society has caused us.

Written by Me on 12.31.15

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Let us leave 2015 ready to continue into 2016. Keep speaking your truth to power. Know that you are not alone in your grief and your rage.

Until Next Year,







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