An Unbecoming Rite.


Desperately searching

for something that was never there

Racking my mind just to realize

life has been unfair.


In the least you’ll only slightly fail

At worst failing will only pale

in comparison to the hopeless mess

you have constantly felt

at the mercy of a beast whose purpose is to overwhelm


All you know is you gotta show for someone

and although the price you ultimately pay

is one that leaves you undone

you GOTTA do this one ‘for you’

knowing you would not likely choose

this for yourself in most other situations

and to carry this one out

will require many libations


You realize you aren’t really free

and the route you are taking

will never allow you to be…

Written by Me on 1.27.16

Until Next Time,



About thepsych1

I am a natural progression. As I learn and grow, so does this blog as a reflection of myself. Poetry Art Videos Critique Let's collaborate. Bring your friends.
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