Expunging the Last 3 Years in Higher Ed.


What happens to a dream rejected?

After you’ve swallowed all pride,

but you’re still neglected?

When you put yourself in environmental squalor

to find out your strife was considered

little less than valor?

When the only thing you can do to save face is to pay the man

for something that ain’t even a concession,

all in order to fulfill the demand

of the system of exploitation that needs you to pass

and in doing so you hopelessly dry-heave,

feeling less than the worst piece of ass?

You break.


You explode into a million little curds of toxic waste

infecting all of the people you try to embrace

and nothing feels right cause all they do is trigger

the tumult and stress that’s supposed to make you bigger

You retreat inside of yourself

you stop

you rest

you try to understand the situation you detest

and when you realize you never will

you take a deep breath

and continue to kill

all the rest of the facade of hope you had

in a system that was always formed against you

feeling little more than a cad.

Written by Me on 5.10.16

I have only begun to heal.

Until Next Time,



Inspiration for your 2015, found online.

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I am a natural progression. As I learn and grow, so does this blog as a reflection of myself. Poetry Art Videos Critique Let's collaborate. Bring your friends.
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