Terrifying Realities.


Violently Killed

By a murderer who was raised in a hate-filled culture.

Not knowing that was your last dance,

last kiss,

last drink,

last night out,

Being filled with tangible and present terror.

News media creates the narrative of a terrorist,

all filled with islamophobia and fueled by a society of gawkers

When the fuck will we all wake up and realize the Power is set against us?

A society founded by colonialism,

violent negation of non-white non-hetero life

we face this world everyday, not knowing if this is our last day alive.

Mourning the loss of our fallen

while consciously fighting media portrayal of a violently ignorant killer

fueled by the nation that wrought him,

taught by the culture around him.








May peace rest your souls

my fallen comrades

May your deaths shine a light that ignites a fire on the fucked up roots of our nation.


I really hope that in the wake of this horrendous and terrifying event at Pulse in Orlando that we do not get stuck in the murkiness of rhetoric. I really hope that we can really make change to our fundamentally flawed society.

For those of you who are struggling to cope, please know you are not alone. Here is a very helpful link to an article that outlines what you can do to help, and where you can go to talk and find community near you.

With Love, Peace, and Rage,




Image I found online, but the message remains. I stand with my slain and ailing comrades and their loved ones. 




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