Cognitive Dissonance & 2k16


Slowly coming into consciousness,

smells of pumpkin and sweet potato fills the room.

You open your eyes and think

discussions of religion & politics

are the horrible ones that loom.


You have to see family members

who question who you are

how you live

and where you work

Tis’ the season for fake hugs

and getting through slightly tough roast.


While almost simultaneously,

Native Americans fight to defend land that is clearly theirs,

Everyday having to face immense intimidation and violence

to provide their land with love and care.


Sleepless nights,

injuries increasing,

live footage being cut,

since protests aren’t ceasing.


Cognitive Dissonance is a very insidious thing,

It keeps white supremacy flowing

without you noticing the sting.

It creeps into our politics,

into our religions and our morals,

It creeps throughout our aesthetics,

and corrupts our mental core.


So while you are with your family and your loved ones,

hold them close and don’t hesitate,

to talk

of our horrid cognitive dissonance of 2k16

in the hopes that it will agitate.

Written by Me on 11.24.16

Please take some time to check out and sign this petition.

Then take some more time with your loved ones to purchase some essentials for those protecting Standing Rock here.

Until next time comrades,



Found by image search. The message remains the same.





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