Inauguration Party


Light a candle

turn out all the lights

focus on your existential fright.

It’s very real, the fear you’re feeling

enveloped by the reality of our regime changing

it’s not like before you thought you were safe

like you could express your inner freedom without fear of malice


Focus your eyes to the light of the candle

in the midst of your dark open space

think about the powerful flame

and all the energy it takes

to fill that dark space all by itself

just for a second you begin to see

the power of your rage manifested

among all the darkness and tyranny


But just when you note this

you notice the room

all dark and filled with fear

there is energy in the chaos

of the evil force that leers.

You don’t feel safe,

because you know you aren’t

it’s overt now and you have no place to hide

in your own skin you are punished

because brutality presides.


Breathe in your discontent,

your fear and palpable anger

for at least the next four years

you’re in clear and present danger.


The light of the candle

think about how it fills the space around you

that’s the light of your community enveloping you

your lifeline

your safe place

your home-base and more

don’t forget you have them as a lighthouse

and powerful core.


In this next indefinite space

it’s important that it’s strength and courage you take

to get through the day and move to the next

SELF CARE in the interim

get through it at best.

Throughout it all remember you ain’t alone

remember that it’s connection to hone.

Be vigilant

Be ready

Be home

Be light

amidst the tumult of power that incites.



About thepsych1

I am a natural progression. As I learn and grow, so does this blog as a reflection of myself. Poetry Art Videos Critique Let's collaborate. Bring your friends.
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