Black Words in a Dark World.

August is Black.

What do you do when your stance is apocalyptic?

When the things you say aren’t very analytic?

All you see is the destruction of the planet

But your voice is so muted that all you do is plan for it.


When what you want to do is breathe

but with every breath you begin to heave

and all the things you throw up are parts of your life

yet none of it includes any of your tumult and strife.

No matter how hard to try to make it go away

so that you can support your community it refuses to stray.


All of the death, decay, and chaos going on in many forms

nothing you do or think isn’t laced in forlorn.

And you know you’re not alone

and eventhough your breaths have been granted

it is your stance that you bemoan

as the poisonous seeds of decay have already been planted.

Written by me | 8.31.17

There’s so much to say about everything that has been happening around us all over the planet. Try to keep connected to your communities and support in any way you can those devastated by natural disasters and also by man-made disasters. We are the ones who keep us safe.

Until next time,


About thepsych1

I am a natural progression. As I learn and grow, so does this blog as a reflection of myself. Poetry Art Videos Critique Let's collaborate. Bring your friends.
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